Today is Teacher Appreciation Day, so here’s to the teachers in Horror that deal with hormonal teenagers, paranormal entities, homicidal strangers, and more. Here’s a rundown of just 3 of our faves.

1. Lin Shaye - Nightmare on Elm Street

Miss Shaye has been gracing Horror screens for decades...and there’s no letting up! This role catapulted her onto the scream scene. Audiences of today, however, most probably recognize her as Elaine from Insidious.

2. Lupita Nyong’o - Little Monsters

What’s the sensible thing for a prestigious actress to do after winning an academy award? Jump straight into Horror (duh.) Lupita’s turn as a kindergarten teacher amid zombie shenanigans is particularly amusing.

3. Henry Winkler - Scream

Oh Principal Himbry, you never stood a chance against Ghostface. At least you gave us some laughs before you dipped.

On a more serious note, we salute actual professors like Dr. Tananarive Due, Ashlee Blackwell, and Dr. Robin Coleman, who spread knowledge and insight on Black Horror. We couldn’t be prouder students.

We salute you all with a shiny, red apple (with a dead worm in it, of course.)