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As FX readies its latest season of American Horror Story, actress Angelica Ross (AHS: 1984, AHS: Double Feature) is bringing some of its ugliest truths to light. Specifically, the Pose star opened up about a transphobic interaction with Emma Roberts (Scream Queens, Scream 4), their relationship with creator Ryan Murphy, and a seemingly scrapped concept for the show. On an intimate IG Live, Ross shared that Roberts misgendered the actress on set and imitated the star - with an embellished, low octave voice. According to Ross, Roberts ended up calling to apologize after news of the revelation spread like wildfire online.

Hours before, Ross took to X with screenshots that revealed their own pitched season of AHS centered on Black women characters. Murphy seems to confirm these plans in the screen grab, stating, “Well I’m doing it. Not sure of the story yet, but we will start a writers room in the fall.”

Actresses Keke Palmer (Nope, Scream TV Series) and Gabourey Sidibe (Antebellum, AHS: Coven) are then suggested for casting before Ross replied with their own suggestions including the likes of Amiyah Scott, Angela Bassett, and Kerry Washington.

What began as an exciting exchange eventually became radio silence when Murphy never responded. Years passed and Ross followed up, this time voicing their interest as a producer. More silence followed. Horror in Color readers may even recall Ross hinting at a possible producer role during our 2020 discussion. All of this was especially troublesome as Marvel had shown interest in Ross for years yet Angelica was given no clarity about their own contract positioning with AHS. These revelations come after AHS: Delicate faces allegations of scabbing amid the WGA and SAG AFTRA strike.

Author Zakiya Dalila Harris

Ross was inspired to share this story after listening to the audiobook of Zakiya Dalila Harris’s The Other Black Girl. Harris’s literary thriller about a Black woman being isolated as the sole Black employee of a publishing firm was recently adapted into a Hulu original series. Angelica shared an excerpt from the novel that seemed especially relevant:

“With heightened awareness of cultural sensitivity comes great responsibility. If we’re not careful, ‘diversity’ might become an item people start checking off a list and nothing more - a shallow, shadowy thing with but one dimension.” - Zakiya Dalila Harris, The Other Black Girl



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