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In a theme park drowned in screams, one Horror Nights haunted house is going quiet. This Halloween season, Universal Studios Hollywood and Universal Studios Orlando will be debuting A Quiet Place attractions themed to the blockbuster franchise of the same name. According to NBC, the haunted houses will include “familiar visuals and set pieces seen in A Quiet Place and A Quiet Place II… Guests will traverse the creaking floorboards of the Abbot farmhouse including the safe house root cellar.” 

Universal adds, “The snarls of the larger-than-life predators will follow guests at every spine-chilling turn, and guests must remember, ‘if they hear you, they will hunt you.” 

One largely welcomed addition is the incorporation of ASL (American Sign Language) into the experience. While ASL is integral to A Quiet Place’s specific story, this update could potentially lead to improved accessibility for deaf audiences at all immersive horror events. Currently, Universal Studios Hollywood provides listening devices, amplified headsets, and sign language interpreting services free of charge in their day-to-day park operations.

This haunted house is just the latest expansion of the Quiet Place universe, which will be getting a prequel film starring Lupita N’yongo and Joseph Quinn in theaters on June 27th (A Quiet Place: Day One.) 



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