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Young filmmakers are lighting paths in horror. Director Allisyn Snyder (Room 566, Nasty Habits, A.P. Bio, Sonny with a Chance) and writer Matthew Scott Montgomery (Unidentified with Demi Lovato, So Random!) gathered friends, family, and collaborators at a themed LA venue to premiere their newest short, Don’t Turn Off The Ghost Light. The hauntingly sweet short stars Queer As Folk (2022) actor Chris Renfro alongside Montgomery himself. 


It was a momentous occasion as the creative duo of Snyder and Montgomery also privately screened a new trailer of their highly-anticipated screenlife feature Howdy, Neighbor! to mass applause. 


Support Queer Horror!” Montgomery exclaimed before the lights dimmed. Enjoy our full recap below with exclusive interviews to hear more about Snyder’s feature directorial debut. 


Also be sure to check out our highlight video for some extra fun footage! Howdy, Neighbor is yet to set an official release date.

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Support Women in Horror + Queer Horror and stay tuned for more coverage soon!

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