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  • Pepito Cadena


Tucked away in the hills of Montebello is an unsuspecting passageway to the small town of Hawkins - where a spectacle of visual delight awaits for Stranger Things fans. Our team had the opportunity to enjoy Stranger Things: The Experience during its limited time run in LA - and these are a few of our highlights.

After establishing its rules, this experience’s pacing finds its stride upon entry of the first room. A mishmash of physical interaction, character acting, and video components solidify the world of the revered Netflix series around you with fervent detail.

Without giving too much, the program’s climax utilizes captivating technology that can rival even the newest theme park offerings. However, once the show elements end, a whole new experience begins upon entering “The Mixtape” - a free-roam space with photo opportunities, arcade games, food, a bar, merchandise offerings, and more. This is where you and your party can stay as long as you’d like to soak up the 80s music and neon light vibes. The VIP combo comes with a gift in a collectible tote as well as a drink from The Upside bar. Our favorite drink had whipped cream and dark chocolate liqueur topped with candy. Even the mocktail selections were delicious.

Despite its unassuming location, the pure scope and detail of Stranger Things: The Experience is impressive and a must-see for any fan of the series. Tickets are available here and its Los Angeles run will end in the next two weeks, so hurry!



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