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  • Roxana Castañeda


Image Source: Netflix

After four long years, Black Mirror is finally back with their highly anticipated sixth season. While Black Mirror is known for its technological horrors, season 6 takes a slightly more supernatural turn. This change has left some fans disappointed, crying out for the familiar use of technology and fable about how the incorrect use of it can lead to the downfall of humanity. Even though this aspect that the earlier seasons always had is missing in some episodes of this season, Black Mirror’s new angle is still as captivating as the earlier seasons.

A fan-favorite of the season seems to be Loch Henry, which documents a true crime and how the media then goes on to monetize every single aspect of it. The ending certainly left many shocked at the turn of events. However, the episode that left a bit of a bigger impact was Beyond the Sea. With incredible acting from the well-known cast of Aaron Paul, Josh Hartnett, and Kate Mara, this episode was incredibly thought provoking and truly had audiences at the edge of their seats in the final act. 

Image Source: Netflix

Beyond the Sea starts off innocently enough, with viewers being shown how Paul’s Cliff and Harnett’s David go about their daily lives as both their replicas down on earth and their real bodies up in outer space. But with Black Mirror, fans know not everything is as nice and cheerful as it may seem. We then see how two men devolve after experiencing atrocities that are out of their control. Other notable highlights of the season include Joan is Awful, where you find out what might just happen if you don’t read all terms and conditions thoroughly. And finally, season 6 ends with a bang, showcasing a retro 70’s aesthetic in Demon 79.

Image Source: Netflix

Black Mirror’s season 6 has a mixture of previous seasons’ elements with newly opened opportunities for any future seasons that Charlie Brooker would want to create. While these episodes may not have been what everyone was expecting, at the end of the day, Black Mirror always leaves you with one final question in mind: could this have been prevented?



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