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Hollywood, 2021 - Amid the glitz and glitter of an industry where established IPs rule, Disney is looking to adapt one of their most mature experiences into a major motion picture. For decades, The Twilight Zone Tower of Terror has dropped Disney park guests down a terrifying 13 stories. Now, that thrilling experience is getting a Hollywood treatment all its own with controversial producer Scarlett Johansson (Eight Legged Freaks, Under the Skin) attached. According to Collider, the Black Widow actress is set to star as well.

Johansson made headlines over the years for controversial casting when she, a cis white actress, accepted POC and transgender roles. Her vocal support of alleged pedophile Woody Allen has also garnered backlash online. Another creative confirmed is Inside Out writer Josh Cooley, who will be tackling the script. Might this choice be an indicator of more tame visuals?

Walt Disney World's "The Twilight Zone: Tower of Terror" Hollywood Tower Hotel Service Elevator
Image Source: Mouse Vacation Planning

At the heart of the original attraction is the story of a group of Hollywood elite who board an elevator that disappears into the famed fifth dimension. A beloved pre-show video in the style of a classic Rod Serling Twilight Zone introduction greets guests upon entry. Gremlins filmmaker Joe Dante directed these black-and-white visuals back in the early 90s. In 1997, a young Kirsten Dunst starred in a made-for-tv adaptation based on the ride that filmed at Disney’s MGM Studios. Check in to memory lane by watching the throwback trailer below:



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