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In the words of the New Founding Fathers, “if you’re gonna have the Purge, you’re gonna have the Purge...foreva.” Or was that Cardi B? Anyway, Blumhouse is closing its runaway hit Purge franchise with The Forever Purge, courtesy of Mexican director Everardo Gout.

What’s being touted as the last entry of the Purge franchise follows a Mexican couple who find themselves at the mercy of people committed to Purging for life. Gout is an interesting choice as the director of this movie, especially since his most noted work is the 2016 National Geographic series Mars. Writer James DeMonaco, who’s worked on each Purge film before, penned this script as well.

It seems as though Blumhouse is going for a spectacle of a finale thanks to a rumored 25 million dollar plus budget. For comparison, 2013’s The Purge was made for a mere 3 million dollar budget. The new film’s budget seems fitting considering this franchise spans several films and a cable series. Check out the trailer for the July 2nd release and let us know if you’re ready to say goodbye to the Purge...forever.



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